Hoop Workshop Spotlight: Performance Hoop Intensives

It’s looking like hoops are here to stay and lead a booming new enterprise for performance art. At the mecca for this modern hoop craze is Los Angeles, and an event you should know about called Performance Hoop Intensives.

A Hooper’s Guide to Performing

We interviewed Los Angeles based hoop performer, Madison Orange to get real perspective on the gig life: “One of the best ways I keep my audience engaged is to focus on musicality, meaning go with the beat of the music. You can do the most simple trick, like waist hoop right as the bass drops, and people freak out!”

12 Gifts For Hoopers That Are Not Hoops

So you’re looking for a gift for a hooper. They talk about hooping a lot, they show up with mysterious bruises, they carry around plastic circles with them all the time…do they really need more hoops? Of course they do! Hoopers tend to be, admittedly, hoop hoarders. There is always a new color or size they need! If…

Get a Grip: Dress you and your hoop for success

Some outfits are just better for hooping than others. If you are frustrated with learning knee-hooping or are wondering what costume you can get away with on stage, here are some tips that have nothing to do with practice to keep your flow on point.

Muscle Memory: How your Brain is Making you a Better Hooper

WHAT IS “MUSCLE MEMORY”? You’ve probably heard the phrase “it’s like riding a bike”, referring to the ability to do something even if you haven’t tried it in a while. This phenomenon is also known as muscle memory, and it is a hooper’s best friend. When you first learn how to ride a bike, it…

A Hooper’s Guide to Surviving Instagram

Hula hooping is about community, so to see it growing and flourishing is heartwarming! However, this article is for those of you who scroll through Instagram and tend to come out the other side feeling overwhelmed.